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Supported: Kodular Fenix

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Hi Today i am introducing the Movies Pro Plus App. So i am too enthusiastic to launch this project. and i took more efforts for this project, to add some extra attractive features. You can see thouse atttractive features below.

Main App:

1) Splash screen

2) Professional DashBoard

3) Intro Screen

4) Registration Screen

5) Login Screen

6) Movies + Web series + Live TV

7) Category For Movies

8) Search

9) Share QR Code

10) Scan QR Code Or Scan from image

11) On Web Series screen Play Next Episode Button

12) Save Playlist 1

3) Profile

14) Terms and Condition

15) Privacy Policy

16) Contact Us

17) Maintenance Screen

18)Image Banner Slider

Admin App Features:

1) Add or edit Movies

2) Add or edit the Web Series

3) Add New Category Inside the Live TV

4) Add Or Edit the Live Tv Channels

5) Add Banners

3 reviews for Movies Pro Plus Full Aia Kit

  1. PavanMagar (verified owner)

    Nice Aia!! I Like ItNice Aia!! I Like It

  2. PavanMagar (verified owner)

    Nice Aia!! I Like It

  3. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Be Happy 🙂 !! Keep {Koding}

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