Speed News Full Package Of Aia Kit

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Supported: Kodular Fenix

Demo Apk

Main Features:

  1. Splash screen
  2. Login and Registration screen (OTP system, Forgot password)
  3. Professional dashboard
  4. Dynamic category
  5. Clean Preview of the blog
  6. Profile screen
  7. More options (Privacy policy, Terms & condition, Contact us, Follow on social media)
  8. Maintenance screen
  9. Push Notification
  10. Update popup
  11. Search the news

Admin app:

  1. Total users
  2. Details of each user
  3. Add the news
  4. You can splash the news as breaking news
  5. Update app from admin app
  6. Switch app to maintenance

1 review for Speed News Full Package Of Aia Kit

  1. HARSH_KUMAR (verified owner)

    Be Happy 🙂 !! Keep {Koding}

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