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Supported: Kodular Fenix

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Today i am going to introduce you with App Info application. Through this application you will get the information about the app. the information like…

  • App name
  • package name
  • version name
  • version code
  • UID of the app
  • Is app using safe mode
  • Is this system app
  • app running in foreground
  • when you install this app first time
  • when you update this app lats time or when last update were available for that app
  • Target SDK
  • List Of Permissions
  • Search the permission by search function
  • Open the app from the app
  • copy all above information easily.
  • Copy the package name by long pressing on list element
  • If you wanted to copy package name of all the apps, then click on floating copy icon.
  • You can easily search the any application by search function.
  • change the list style. in Grid or in Normal List.
  • Cool and Professional look of app

2 reviews for App Info- Get Information About The App

  1. jishnu (verified owner)


  2. Shreyash (verified owner)

    Great Aia.  A dream app for all readers.

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