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Convert Website into Android Application

Price: 500 Rs 200 Rs/- Only


Why you should convert website into android app?

Many individuals and organizations have websites. It is good to have a website and we get good user volume from search results, but the website does not engage the user with us. But if you convert your website into android application then you will get wide range of users from play store also you can send push notification to them so user will engage with your app.

Many surveys show that once a user installs an app, 90% of people never uninstall it. Because of laziness. So you will get daily opportunity to improve your service and reach your customers/users.

And if you look on the internet, many big IT companies are providing you andorid app conversion services with minimum 20$ and 20$+. And if you look around, it won’t even cost that much.

That’s why we came up with the cheapest price of 2$ with the following features:

  1. We will add welcome screen / splash screen
  2. Your website will be displayed on the home page
  3. If the user turns off the internet, we will show the no internet screen.
  4. We also implemented a onesignal notification so you can send a notification to the user like this

You can test the demo application as well for free, to get idea about how your app will work

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